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Dubai Tour From Mumbai



Dubai Tour From Mumbai

Aug 16,2022

Dubai Tour From Mumbai - Dubai is a popular tourist destination and a significant source of income for the city. In 2016, the city welcomed 14.9 million overnight guests. Based on the number of foreign tourists, Dubai was the fourth most visited city in the world in 2018. So, if you are looking forward to visiting Dubai in the near future, here is all you need to know about the you Dubai Tour From Mumbai.

Top 10 Dubai Activities

These are the top 10 activities you must do on your Dubai tour.

Skydiving in Dubai

Nothing gets your heart racing and your senses awakened like a skydive from an aeroplane. In Dubai, there is no shortage of entertaining things to do, but for the adventurer, routine activities might be pretty monotonous. Experience skydiving in Dubai, which is an unmatched experience if you're seeking for a strong adrenaline rush.

Watch the beautiful city below you and take in Dubai in the most breathtaking way. Skydiving is an option over the arid region or close to The Palm island.

Visit the Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

The 124th and 125th levels of the Burj Khalifa are where you'll find the observation deck. Watch the lovely city vanish beneath you as you ascend the glass elevators at a speed of 10 metres per second. You will be able to witness Dubai's stunning skyline, its golden sand deserts, and its azure waters once you reach the summit. Telescopes are available for a closer look, and the walls are constructed of glass.

To feel the breeze on your face, you can also enter the outdoor patio.

Enjoy Thrilling Rides at Aquaventure Waterpark

Take a ride on one of the largest waterparks in Dubai's exhilarating rides for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Nothing is more thrilling than the fury of riding adrenaline-inducing coasters like Anaconda and Tower of Poseidon when it comes to entertaining things to do in Dubai. Get on the river that connects the park's waters, ride the largest fibreglass tube in the world, and take a heart-pounding dive into a shark and ray tank.

Aquaventure Waterpark offers sizzling fare at its 15 stylish restaurants along with 700 metres of immaculate private beach.

Experience Shark Encounter at Dubai Aquarium

Visit the magnificent Dubai aquarium to see the most lethal predator. The 10-million-liter tank is home to more than 33,000 aquatic creatures, including a sizable number of sand tiger sharks. You may view these fascinating creatures up close through a stunning 48-meter glass tunnel.

A very overwhelming scene, with over 140 different types of aquatic life bordering you and sharks and stingrays swimming straight overhead. You have a variety of options for experiencing the diverse aquatic life at the Dubai Aquarium, including taking a glass-bottom boat tour, trying snorkelling in a cage, and swimming with sharks.

Scuba Diving

Take part in the one-of-a-kind experience of scuba diving on Jumeirah Beach to discover the amazing underwater world of Dubai. Admire the diverse marine life of the Persian Gulf, which includes over 65,000 marine species. As you dive down, travel through the vivid and colourful coral reefs; if you're lucky, you might even come across a shipwreck to examine.

Hot Air Ballooning

One of the most enjoyable activities in Dubai is riding in a hot balloon. From 3000 feet in the air, observe the glitz and glamour of this world centre, take in the panoramic views of golden sandy deserts that sparkle in the sunlight, and watch as gorgeous falcons circle and soar about the balloon. There, you can also plan a fine-dining experience. Enjoy your meal while you take in the spectacular views of the sea merging with the desert and the beauty of the deserts. The Hajjar mountains provide as the perfect backdrop for the sunset, which paints the sky with tangerine tones.

Tour the City in a Helicopter

To experience the mesmerising vistas of beautiful metropolis, reserve a helicopter tour. There are lots of fun things to do in Dubai, but nothing beats a 30-minute trip above the tallest buildings on earth. Standing atop some of the most spectacular skyscrapers in the UAE, such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al-Arab, and Palm Jumeirah, you can take in the view of the azure oceans and sandy deserts.

Fly across the first man-made island in the world, which is situated in the Persian Gulf, and take countless pictures from this amazing vantage position.

Flyboard in Dubai

If the standard water park rides aren't challenging enough for you, try flyboarding to advance your abilities. You'll be enthralled by this fascinating trip in Dubai and want more. When strong spurts of water launch you into the air while you are strapped into a contraption resembling a jetpack, it will feel as though you are flying over water. The thrilling experience will be something you always treasure.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai

This is your opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream of dining in the sky! The Dinner in the Sky is a concept that was first implemented in Belgium and has since spread to several nations and places, including Dubai. The afternoon tea and 3-course lunch/dinner menu will provide for a unique experience as you take in the spectacular views of the Marina from your table, which is located 50 metres above the ground.

Dubai Tour Packages

Here are the best Dubai tour packages you can avail.

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