Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Sikkim

Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Sikkim



Top 10 Tourist Destinations In Sikkim

Aug 16,2023

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Sikkim: Whenever we want to revive our soul, travel and explore the whole world is the very first thing that pops up in our mind. To feel the ethereal experience and find inner joyfulness, these top 10 tourist destinations in Sikkim are ready to leave long-lasting and beautiful prints in the journey of life.

 Sikkim is the second smallest but one of the most gorgeous states of the Country-India. It is located in the heart of the majestic Himalayas, which enhances its beauty to the widest level. If you are planning to visit Sikkim then you must visit the following attractions to have a wonderful experience.

List of Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Sikkim

Here is the list!

  1. Gangtok


Whenever we talk about the top most beautiful tourist destination of Sikkim, how can we forget “Gangtok”, which is nestled in the beauty of the eastern Himalayas? A number of tourists visit this picturesque view and feel the ethereal experience. The lush green forest of the Gangtok is the true definition of serenity. It's the best tourist place for the adventurous lover. They are not only amazed by the beauty of the Gangtok but also can do river rafting, mountain biking etc. To feel the crazy experience in nature's lap cable car facilities are also available.


Key highlights:


  1. To feel the real beauty of the Gangtok, March to April and October to November are the best months.
  2. Avoid exploring during the rainy season and you have to suffer a lot due to roadblockage.
  3. You may be amazed to know that every year in the month of May Gangtok hosts the International flower festival which is again an alluring experience to see the varieties of flowers that are contributing to making the world more pleasing.
  4. Gangtok is home to Buddhist monasteries like Rumtek and Inchey.


  1. Tsomgo Lake


The view cannot be described in words when eyes see the charming allure of the lake water in between the hills.  Another sightseeing of the Sikkim Tsomgo Lake, also known as “Changu Lake” is around 38 km far away from the Sikkim capital. The temperature at Tsomgo Lake usually remained less, because it lies at a high altitude, making it one of the highest lakes in India.


Exciting facts about Tsomgo Lake:


  1. During the winter season, the tourist can enjoy ice skating, trekking, and yak riding on the thick blanket of ice.
  2. It is believed by the local people that the lake serves medicinal value.
  3. The color of the lake water beautifully changed according to the season, which creates more curiosity for travel lovers to visit.


Important Tips for Tourists:


  1. The lake is frozen during the winter so it will be better to reach this destination in the summer season to glance at the mesmerizing view of the lake and the enchanting peaks.
  2. Because the lake lies in a high altitude that's why tourists have to take a special area permit from the Sikkim tourist department or you can ask for it from your travel agent. To get the permit, make sure to bring your two passport sizes photographs and identity proof.
  3. Avoid visiting in winter because heavy snowfall leads to road blockage.


  1. Nathula Pass


If you are a geographical lover who loves to explore every corner then this place” Nathula Pass” is for you. It is one of the highest motorable passes in the world, located above sea level. It is the Nathula pass that connects  Sikkim with Tibet.


Highlights about Nathula pass


  1. Nathula Pass offers visitors to experience stunning views of the Chumbi Valley of Tibet.
  2. This pass is no less than a blessing for the long drive lovers. Just imagine driving and passing through the road which is covered by snow on both sides and the gentle curves of the mountains make the journey more appealing.
  3. This pass is open for Indians, but you have to take permission from the tourist department before visiting.
  4. The historical silk road was once part of Nathula.


Important tips


  1. The pass remained closed on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
  2. Avoid visiting in the winter season because the temperature goes lower even from zero.
  3. As mentioned the weather remained much cooler than normal temperature, so it will affect your health. So just remember to carry some medicines and a first aid box with you before exploring.


  1. Pelling


Have you ever seen paradise on Earth? If not, then this dreamy palace” Pelling “ is waiting for you and will offer splendid views of the Himalayas and Kanchenjunga hills. When you visit, the fresh breeze will melt away all your stress and give you the everlasting refreshment.


Highlights of this beauty:


  1. The moderate climate of the Pelling offers you to explore it in any month of the year. But the summer season will be the best option to make the holidays full of pleasure.
  2. In Pelling, you can experience some adventurous delight with trekking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, etc.
  3. Also, it includes breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Kanchenjunga hills, astonishing waterfalls, lakes, and many more.


  1. Lauchung


You are planning to travel and explore the beauty of Sikkim, but Lauchung is not on your must-visit list. How is that possible? Launching is the true example of the serene beauty, located at the height of 8,610 ft. The magnificent hills, bright flowers, and eye-pleasing snow at the Launchung making it one of the most attractive tourist place in Sikkim,


Key highlights:


  1. Lauchung is the beautiful Himalayan village of Sikkim
  2. Full of nature’s beauty like dark and tall mountains, glacier rivers, and majestic waterfalls, Lauchung is here to take you to another world.
  3. However, It is one of the most visited regions of Sikkim but it still holds the same allure over the passage of time.


Attention: Avoid visiting in the monsoon and winter season, because heavy rainfall and snow may block and affect the significant routes.


  1. Yuksom:


This place is full of pristine beauty, creating the reason to visit at least once in a life. Yuksom is located in the western part of the Sikkim. Yuksom literally means “meeting place of the three learned monks” and is also known as one of the most serene places to visit in Sikkim.


Key highlights :

  1. Yuksom town includes historical monuments, ancient monasteries, and many others making it the best place to explore for passionate history lovers.
  2. Your eyes and heart will be pleased by the picturesque views of gorgeous waterfalls and serene lakes.
  3. It is the exquisite gateway for Mt. Kanchendzonga.
  4. The temperature remains moderate throughout the whole year.


Travel tips:

During the rainy season avoid using public transport for a hassle-free experience.


March to June and September to October are the best months for visiting and glancing at its real beauty.


  1. Namchi:


It is one of the top-dead drop gorgeous city of the Sikkim state and also an enchanting tourist attraction of the state “Sikkim”. In the native language of Tibet, Namchi means “top of the sky” and is located at the height of 1,675m above sea level which makes it meaning true.

Do you know?


  1. Namchi is the pilgrimage center for the Buddhists and creates a sacred place in their hearts.
  2. The city also has a 108ft Lord Shiva Statue and is visited by a large number of Hindu devotees.
  3. It is the known for capital of the south Sikkim.
  4. Every year in the month of October, Namchi hosts the grand “Namchi Mohatsav”.A Festival which is dedicated to tourism, culture and food. Also, a flower festival to showcase the different kinds of beautiful flowers.


Essential tips:


March and October months are the best time to visit Namchi.

Avoid visiting in the rainy season, because of slippery roads. Stay updated on the Namchi climate and follow the precautions for the landslides.


  1. Jawahar Lal Nehru Botanical garden:


This scenic and lush botanical garden can you feel like you are in heaven. Several rare and exotic species of plants and trees are found in this garden, making it the must-explore place in Sikkim. The garden serves medicinal and commercial values as well. If you are a nature lover, this garden is truly waiting for you.


 Key highlights :

  1. It is situated near the Rumtek Valley.
  2. The garden is open seven days a week from 8 am to 6:30 pm.
  3. The entry fee is from 5 rupees to 10 rupees which is quite affordable.
  4. Your little and cherished ones can have fun with swings arranged in the park.
  5. The garden also has a lush oak forest and a tranquil lake.


  1. Gurudongmar


Gurudongmar Lake is another must-add place to your Sikkim travel package, located at the height of 17,800 ft and also known as the Tso- Lhsmo Lake. The alluring beauty and crystal clear water of the lake offers indescribable peace to the soul. The melodious sound of the water is soothing to the ears and in the daytime, it sparkles truly like diamonds.

The fresh atmosphere of the Gurudongmar and breathtaking views are enough to make everyone fall in love.


Key highlights:


  1. In the winter season, the whole lake is frozen, but there is one portion of the lake that never freezes.
  2. Gurudongmar is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world.
  3. Lake water is considered as medicine to cure infertility issues in women.


Important tips:

  1. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and cigarette before visiting this place because it can make you sick.
  2. The temperature usually remains at the lowest, so make sure you carry and cover yourself with warm clothes.
  3. Avoid visiting in the winter season due to heavy snowfall in the area.
  4. April, May, October, and November are the best months to visit and explore the allure.


  1. Zuluk


At last, but not least in the top 10 tourist attractions in Sikkim is Zuluk, located in the ancient silk routes and also one of the most underrated places to explore. The graceful view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the pristine wilderness will make you feel like “the world is so beautiful”.

In this region, the Kupup lake also known as elephant lake considered the sacred lake of  Sikkim.


Important tips:


  1. If you want to experience freezing snow, January and April are the best time.
  2. You have to grant for special area permit.
  3. The roads are zig-zag, so it’s better to take the service from an expert driver if you are not comfortable.